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    Baby Torticollis Update Pictures

    Philip Owen D.O., B.Sc. (Hons), a leading Paediatric Cranial Osteopath who has spent 20 years studying and treating tension in babies’ skull bones.

    His pioneering research has significantly advanced our understanding of both babies’ and children’s sleep problems, arising from tension in the bones of the skull.

    Parents come from all over the country to his Manchester clinic and he is considered one of the leading practitioners in the UK. He lectures for the British School of Osteopathy Society and was the BSO’s leading external examiner.

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    Baby Torticollis Update Pictures

    Whilst treating one of his patients, a new mum, Philip observed that her young baby was sat in his car seat with his chin on his chest. It struck him that this must be having an impact on the baby, and set out to find out more.

    In his research, Philip observed that an increasing number of babies at his clinic were showing symptoms of Flat Head Syndrome (also known as positional plagiocephally) and also torticollis (where a baby’s head rotation is restricted to one side). He made the connection between this and the success of the “Back to Sleep” campaign, which advises parents to avoid the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by encouraging parents to place their baby on their back in the cot.

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    Baby Torticollis Update Pictures

    He realised that the traditional cot mattresses, combined with the extra amount of time babies are spending with their heads supported by a flat surface, was combining to produce this increase in the number of Flat Head Syndrome cases.

    The SleepCurve mattress concept is the result of that simple idea.


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